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a true nature lifestyle rooted in Yoga & Ayurveda

"Sweet Friend, my passion is to help you love and celebrate who you are by providing you with the support and self care "seeds" that will empower you to fly and live your true nature."
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Hello Sweet Friend. I am Patti Jo, PJ for short. I am a Pitta Kapha with a constant love hate relationship with Vata.  Welcome!  Welcome to my nest, heart and home. 

It's funny. I never imagined myself to be where I am.  Sometimes we know what our purpose is in life and other times it finds you in the least likely places.  For me, loss, trauma, neglect, single parenting, panic, anxiety, sadness, low self esteem, illness and injury lead me to where I am today.  Befriending my PTSD and seeing it as an opportunity to grow and become stronger lead me to my true self and purpose.

In 2006, The Empty Nest @ Mindful Living, a one-of-a-kind sanctuary nestled in the city of Two Rivers, Wisconsin, sprouted into being.  Rooted in the science of Ayurveda and Yoga, Mindful Living is my heart and soul, a community of celebration, acceptance and love.  It is sacred space that offers a deeper experience and connection to the softer, more nurturing side of yoga.


Most importantly, Mindful Living is more than a weekly class. Mindful Living is a soulfully simple lifestyle that, when given consistent attention and effort, promotes health, happiness & wholeness.


Mindful Living requires one to embody the following truths.

  1. SLOW DOWN.  Life is not a competition and we are here to BE, not do. Intentional rest and silence are essential to our overall wellness.

  2. BE YOU.  We are all unique and beautiful and should not look or be the same.  Be different.  What works for one does not work for all. Modify always. 

  3. LOVE YOU. You must be your own BF first and foremost. Planting this seed of self compassion means you will always have the support and love you need.

  4. DAILY SELF CARE is non-negotiable. Period. We must show up every day, where we are, without excuses, blame or judgement, and do the work; physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. No one can do the work for you.

To this day, I am deeply rooted in my practice and teach exclusively from my heart and personal experiences which ensures an authentic experience for all.

Let us Grow Love & Light Everywhere ~

Patti Jo

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist & Lifestyle Coach,

Reiki Master & Intuitive Guide

"I have been attending Patti Jo’s classes for several years now. Her class size is small so it feels more personal. I really enjoy the simplistic poses and the strength building. She has taught me so much about being kind, simplicity, acceptance, letting go, and living a yogic lifestyle. I am calmer and more relaxed since taking her classes. She truly cares about her students and takes them on a wonderful journey whether it’s on the beach, in a studio or virtually. I look forward to seeing her each week." 


Maria C

Francis Creek WI


NOTE:  True Nature Lifestyle Coaching is a mindful mix of

yoga philosophy, ayurvedic medicine, pranayama, seasonal asana, meditation, daily routines, diet, compassionate boundaries

and intentional rest customized to each individual.