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Mindful Living offers a sliding scale structure for all services because

EVERYONE should have access to self care "seeds" that inspire, empower and naturally grow health, happiness and wholeness. 

I hope that through offering a sliding scale format those who find value in and embody the teachings of yoga and ayurveda can still have access to self care without further financial burden.

Please take a moment to consider the intention of this sliding scale structure which has been created to provide those who are experiencing significant financial hardship. If this does not apply to you, please consider requesting a payment plan.​

For a sliding scale pricing scheme to work it relies on the seed of truthfulness (satya), not taking what is not freely given (seed of asteya), and generosity (seed of aparigraha). I trust you to be honest.

If you think you qualify for sliding self care pricing, please contact me and I will send you your pricing range. If this is still more than you can afford, please let me know so we can figure it out together.

Empowering you with the self care "seeds" you need to grow health and happiness is my passion.

In Love + Light ~  PJ

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