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with Patti Jo

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Why Grow Slow with me, Patti Jo?


Because I know healing is not a one-size-fits-all or one thing fixes everything.  Healing is different for everyone and requires a unique mix of self care tools.

Because I know what we resist is what we need to restore balance and heal trauma.


Because I don't believe in trends, fads or quick fixes.

Because I know patience is key when it comes to healing.

Because I know how hard it can be to make lifestyle changes.

Because I know the simplest of things create the greatest change.

Because I know what it feels like to navigate divorce, co-parenting, and blended families.

Because I know what it feels like to lose a parent and friend to illness.

Because I know what it's like to be a single parent and an empty nester.

Because I know how hard it is to step away from the normal and to follow your own heart.

Because I know creating healthy boundaries can be uncomfortable but oh-so-yummy.

Because I know how it feels to be bullied and made fun of.

Because I genuinely care about your happiness.


Because I want you to know how strong you are and that you can do anything you put your mind to.


Because you matter and you deserve a life of health and happiness.

Because the world deserve to see the real you.

Because I have done the work myself and embody what I teach.

Because self care is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others.

Because life is too short to put yourself last or settle for less than you deserve.

Because I know what it's like to be emotionally abused and treated as if your feelings don't matter or you are the problem.

Because I know one of our greatest healers is breath.

Because I know how to be best friends with myself.

Because I know saying NO, is half the battle.


Because I know slow and steady guarantees success.

Because I know everyone heals at their own pace, in their own way.


Because I know what it's like to not have support from family and friends. 

Because I love and accept you for who you are.

Because healing and growing is easier with someone by your side.

Because sometimes we need someone to hold us accountable.

Because you are important and deserve the best.

Because I believe in you.

Because I have over 18 years of personal experience and knowledge.

Because I never want you to feel alone.

Meet Patti Jo
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