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My Story

In 2007, my husband, son and I were in a boating accident that resulted in the loss of life.  At the time, I had no idea this was the turning point for me and I was about to come face to face with my purpose.  To heal at the root.


My journey has taught me that life is not meant to be easy and that pain is where depth, appreciation and gratitude grows best. And, because of my struggles I now know the importance of non-negotiable self care, healthy boundaries, patience and living slow. 

Because we are all responsible for our own healing, in order to stay focused and hold myself accountable, I started, what I now call, "Planting Seeds with Patti Jo."  To watch my YouTube video click on the link above. 


So...What does "planting seeds" look like for me?


First, I kept it easy, simple, doable.  After all, there is no need to make things more complicated than they already are.  Second, I wrote out the Yamas and Niyamas onto stones and placed them into a bowl. Then, every day, no matter what, I would randomly pick a stone for the day (or hour) and consciously planted that quality into my thoughts, words and actions. For example, if I was working with the seed of Ahimsa and I was telling myself I was broken or inadequate, or not where I thought I should be, I would tell myself, "I am loveable, I am important, I am enough, I am right where  I needed to be".  These seeds brought me comfort I had never felt.

Shifting my thoughts to be loving and supportive of myself changed everything and immediately brought peace to my body, mind and spirit. It was magic. The simplicity of slowing down and focusing on one value every day was exactly what I needed to heal at the root. By trusting in the "seed" I picked and doing the work, I quickly felt the anxiety fade and my spirits lift. I also recognized that by randomly picking a "seed", I was sure to receiev what I needed, not what I wanted. This was key as the ego is not always looking out for us and, truth is, what we resist is what we need.


In the Indian tradition, the second limb of Yoga, the Yamas and their complement, Niyamas, are essential activities and habits for healthy living, spiritual enlightenment and a liberated state of being. Who doesn't want that? 


YAMAS (restraints)

Ahimsa (non-violence)

Satya (truth)

Asteya (non-stealing)

Brahmacharya (non-excess)

Aparigraha (non-attachment


NIYAMAS (observances)

Santosha (contentment)

Saucha (purity)

Tapas (self-discipline)

Svadhyaya (self-study)

Ishvara Pranidhana (surrender)


In 2008, Several years into my healing, Mindful living bloomed into being. An intimate one-of-a-kind mindfulness studio, located in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. 


Mindful Living is rooted in Ayurveda (science of life) and Yoga (science of self realization) and takes a wholistic approach to wellness.  Looking at the whole person, mind, body and spirit, one is encouraged to be who they are, without judgement, without excuses, and to simply slow down, to fall in love with who they are, to feel what needs to be felt, to breathe, move, play, in their own way, at their own pace.

“In a forest of a hundred thousand trees, no two leaves are alike. And no two journeys along the same path are alike.”  ― Paulo Coelho

To this day, I remain deeply devoted to my self care, walking my talk, living from heart and holding space for all.

If you are ready to grow the true you, I am here.

let's grow together ~ Patti Jo

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