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  • 32nd Street

Service Description

Never Underestimate the Power of a Planted Seed Life is an adventure and we can face it with a smile or we can become frustrated and lost in disappointment. The choice is yours. In 2008 I created "Planting Seeds with Patti Jo" for myself, to hold me accountable and to keep me focused on what was right and real. The "seeds" held me accountable for my actions, thoughts and words. THE "SEEDS" are made up of the 5 Yamas + 5 Niyamas. The Yamas and Niyamas are the first two limbs of yoga, the foundation. Without these two limbs, we are not practicing yoga. YAMAS Ahimsa - NonViolence Satya - Truthfulness Asteya - NonStealing Brahmacharya - NonExcess Aparigraha - NonAttachment NIYAMAS Tapas - Self Discipline Saucha - Purity Santosha - Contentment Svadhyaya - Self Study Ishvara Pranidhana - Surrender This self care tool is simple yet extremely powerful. Simply, place your seeds into your bowl and then every day (or every hour) RANDOMLY pick a seed, receive it, reflect on it and then do your best to explore, experience and embody the quality of th seed into your thoughts, words and actions. Always go slow. Great things take time to grow and learning to live right is a life long practice. Be tender and gentle as your ego begins to dissolve and you find your way back to heart. These seeds and bowls are creating with love. They are a piece of my heart. They are my best friends. My support system. I hope that you will feel the same. To purchase your seeds & bowls simple choose a date and fill your cart to submit your order. ALL SEED BAGS INCLUDE 10 SEEDS Yama + Niyama Mindfulness Pitta Vata Kapha ADD A HANDMADE one-of-a-kind SEED BOWL All items include FREE SHIPPING. Love + Light PJ

Cancellation Policy

CANCELATION POLICY: Out of respect for all, there is a 24 hour notice for cancelling or rescheduling all PRIVATE appointments. FOR GROUP or PRIVATE SERIES, there is a 14 day notice for cancellation. Failure to notify Mindful Living will still result in full payment for the series, unless someone is able to take your spot. LATE ARRIVAL POLICY: It is always best to arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment. If you arrive late for your appointment, out of respect for clients that follow, an extension of your scheduled time is not possible. Also, depending upon how late you arrive, your appointment may need to be rescheduled.

Contact Details

  • 1944 32nd Street, Two Rivers, WI, USA


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