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"You are the Love you seek" ~ Rumi

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Hello Sweet Friend ~


This week, we are planting the seed of AHIMSA! Pronounced Ah-Him-Sah. Say it with me.




In the presence of one firmly established in non violence, all hostilities cease’ —Yoga Sutra 2:35

Ahimsa translates to non-violence. Kindness. Compassion. Love. Respect. Non-negotiable self-care. It was this seed that changed everything for me. Everything. And to this day, I owe everything I have overcome and become to this one single seed. Ahimsa, the first Yama, is the seed in which all other seeds sprout from. The Yamas are the first limb of the 8 limbs of yoga and are primarily concerned with our inner and outer worlds and how we interact with these worlds. It is important to note that Ahimsa is a three layered seed and teaches us non-violence of thoughts, words and actions {in unison}. In other words, we must be kind with our thoughts, words and actions at the same time. If we are kind with our words or actions but our thoughts are saying something different, we are in violation and the seed will be unable to take root. The secret of planting this seed is that it must begin within you.

Today, I invite you plant the seed of Ahimsa everywhere. I invite you step into your tender center and become best friends with yourself. From personal experience, learning to love who you are, no matter what, means you will always have the support, encouragement and inspiration you need. It also means, the freedom to authentically live as you.

Sweet Friend NOW is the time to recognize that you are worth loving, nurturing and celebrating. Yes, it will be challenging but anything worthwhile is. Yes, you'll start to recognize just how much time you spend being unkind to yourself (and others). It's okay. Awareness is the first step. Do not judge. Be kind. And always, be patient with the process. If it helps, when you find yourself falling back into unhealthy ways, imagine what you would tell your best friend or child and then apply it to you. Walk your talk.

Now... Grab your pen. Grab your journal.

Go ahead, take a moment to write this seed down.

A H I M S A non-violence | kindness | compassion | love | self care | respect

Now... Simply look at the seed on your paper. Say it out loud. Notice how it makes you feel; emotionally, physically, energetically. Notice what comes up in mind, body, heart when you hear or feel the vibration of this seed. Write down anything and everything that makes its way to the surface.

Now... Let's dig a little deeper.

  • Are you kind to yourself? Do you respect yourself?

  • Are you patient with yourself?

  • Do you allow yourself time to rest?

  • Is your self care non-negotiable? Why or Why not?

  • Are you kind to the earth? To the animals of the earth? To your belongings?

  • Are you kind to others?

  • Are you accepting of others?

  • Do you say yes when you mean no?

Now... Sit with these questions for as long as you have to give. Write all your thoughts, questions and answers down. Be patient. Be curious. Be gentle. Then, when you are ready, grab a tiny bowl, cut a slip of paper and write the word AHIMSA (or any of the other words that describe it) onto the piece of paper. Place it into your "seed" bowl and over the next week, plant this seed in your thoughts, words and actions. Water it continuously with your awareness. Watch it grow peace, love, health and happiness.

May we learn to love ourselves deeply so that we can love others completely.

Om Shanti ~

Patti Jo

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