The Magic of Breath


Breath is our path to freedom

All too often we bury our emotions within. We do not allow ourselves to feel. We avoid, pretend and run from what is, hoping that it will all go away. Truth is, our experiences are stored within and when we deny ourselves the space to feel and be, they become buried, ultimately adding to our inability to be happy and well. Our breath, is a sacred. Our breath is our greatest teacher and best friend. It is magic. A lullaby to calm and heal in any given moment.

Through conscious breathing, we receive the strength, courage and support to fully live life and to absorb our experiences fully in a healthy way. When sitting with breath and simply feeling what is, we give our thoughts and emotions a soft river to flow through, which naturally allows us to feel more alive and awake, happy and well, inspired and hopeful.

Today, plant the seed of INTENTIONAL BREATH. Sit for a while. Be still. Allow the sound and sensation of your own breath to bathe you in love. Allow the magic of this life force energy to freely flow through you, gently melting all those frozen emotions and stories hidden within.

Today, Sweet Friend, begin the journey of breathing yourself to freedom.

Love & Light

Patti Jo

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