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Be You

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In a world of make believe, most of our life is spent being who others want us to be and doing what others ask us to do. We rarely show up as our true self. And for whatever reason, we feel obligated to do things that leave us feeling anything but happy because we are terrified of what others will think if we say no.

If we are lucky, at some point, we stop long enough to plant the seed of self study. Who am I? What do I want? What is my purpose? What makes me happy? What doesn't make me happy?

Through self study we learn self respect. Through self respect we learn that being who we are is the only way to live. Being our true self is also the greatest gift of love we can give ourselves and others.

Sweet friend, the world deserve you, your beauty, your uniqueness. Be brave. Spread your wings and fly.

Love & Light

Patti Jo

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