Atha! Now is the Time.

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Hello Sweet Friend ~

Welcome. I am truly blessed and honored that you are here with me, in this moment, space and time. Welcome to new beginnings. Welcome home, to truth, love and contentment.

Welcome to "Planting Seeds with Patti Jo".

Today I invited you to step into the POWER OF NOW. ATHA! Pronounced Ah-Ta. Say it with me.




Atha yoga anushasanam Now, the teachings of yoga. —Yoga Sutra 1.1

The word Atha is the first word in Patanjali's sutras for a reason. It is there to fully grab your attention and to deeply invite you to being all in.

I am ready. Are you? Are you ready to grow you? No matter what your past experiences have been, are you ready to accept and find purpose in what was, is? Are you willing to let go of excuses, blame, judgement, disappointment and instead, completely allow the heart to crack wide open? Are you ready for the life you deserve?

Today, I invite you to garden with me, as I share with you a lifestyle that naturally grows health, happiness and wholeness. Every Sunday, I will scatter a seed your way, and, together, for seven days we will plant it in our thoughts, words and actions. Our weekly practice will be soulfully simple. I call them doable doses. And yes, sometimes the simplicity in many ways can make it difficult, challenging and overwhelming. Do not doubt. Do not be distracted. Do not over think. Do not over do.

Now... Grab your pen. Grab your journal.

This week, our seed is trust. Take a moment to write this word down into your journal.


Now... Simply look at the seed on paper, say it out loud, notice how it makes you feel; emotionally, physically, energetcially. Notice what comes to mind, heart, body when you hear or feel the vibration of this seed. Write down anything and everything that makes its way to the surface. Anything. Become friends with it all. Love it all. Embrace it fully.

Do not resist. Do not deny. Do not pretend. Now is not the time to run and hide. Now is the time to show up and feel. There are no wrong answers. There is no one way to feel. Be absolutely, completely free of all judgement, comment, blame or excuses.

Now... Let's dig a little deeper.

Do you trust yourself? Why or why not? Sit with this question for as long as you have to give. Be patient. Be curious. Be tender. Then when you are ready, grab a tiny bowl, cut a slip of paper and write the word TRUST onto it. Place it into your "seed" bowl and over the next week, plant it everywhere. Water it with your awareness, attention, love and kindness.

Let Us Grow Trust.

Om Shanti ~

Patti Jo

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